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First real laser-based MIDI Controller and Musical Instrument

is a "codename" of an invention, a novel way of using laser beams as an interface for musical expression, beyond piano keys, push-buttons, drum pads and even knobs. Beambow is not another assembly of known sensors presented as revolutionary, nor a simplistic on/off Laser Harp.

A unique patented technology:

Two or three laser beams are used to create a virtual line in the space, when this line is cut for example with a stick, the direction, the speed and the crossing position are determined in real time (0.1ms). The useful length can range from a few centimeters to several meters. 
This new way of capturing the gesture can be the basis of a new generation of controllers or musical instruments. That's why Beambow deserves to be called Revolutionary.

Reliable and Efficient:
Blocking the laser beams produces nothing, this gesture is invalid unlike Laser Harp devices. Any accidental misalignment of the laser beams with the optical sensor is of no consequence, just by correctly repositioning the sensor one can resume playing.

The response is instantaneous and no gesture is missed (except if the musician is able to swing a 8mm Ø baton well above the speed of sound).

The system is strictly digital, a determined movement always produces the same effect, it is absolutely not an analog proximity sensor.

For example, in musical instrument mapping mode:
  • A new musical gesture with control of the pitch, dynamics and articulation

  • Great for improvisation

  • Excellent visibility and legibility of gesture by the spectators

  • A contactless play but by manipulating a baton (or a broomstick, or a rope, or a led foam stick, or ... nothing, just fingers).

  • A really intuitive use...     really

  • We are facing a real object that can be positioned and adjusted

  • A good visual feedback even with low power lasers. Cutting laser beams with a stick produces bright persistent spots.

  • Widely customizable and configurable

  • Finally, very "fun"

" I Love This Instrument! " - Roy "Futureman" Wooten. Here is a video clip of his very first try.

Beambow and EDM DJ :

If the velocity is not used for example to trigger samples, the size and the position of passage of the object determine the MIDI Event. Here with one finger, the flat of the hand and a 5mm baton.

Beambow MIDI CC  , Crossing position and Velocity. Demo Ableton Live EQ Filters

Two tracks Crossfade with Ableton EQ

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